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You have a right to know


   Steadfast in Honor The N.T. is an excellent paraphrase; and I'm not just saying this because I am the pastor.  This book gives you the gist of what the message is about.  The book in the black cover with yellow writing is just the 4 - 1 Gospel (a comparative work) plus the Church Beginnings (the book of Acts).  Later, the letters will come out, and the later we'll get you the O.T.  The book in the white cover with the picture on it is the full N.T.

    I have talked to people all over about reading the Bible; but many of them would respond, “I’ve tried to read the Bible; but, ya know, I just can’t understand it.  All I get from it is partial truths and double-talk.  Maybe you can understand it; but I’ll just read the paper, at least I can understand that.” 

   So, in obedience to God we, the group at Bread of Life International Ministries, took on this enormously long project of writing this GIST-BIBLE.  What a GIST-BIBLE is, is a “what it’s talking about”-Bible.  What the BOLIM (Bread of Life International Ministries) group have done is we have read from many versions of the Bible, prayed about what we read, talk to seasoned ministers, read again, prayed and listen to the Holy Spirit and wrote what He said down in our own words. 



        Revelation was, indeed, a hard book to paraphrase.  The paraphraser read and found much of it that took place at the same time, one thing that was written about after another actually took place first; and much of it was repeats of what was already written, only written a different way. The paraphraser used a lot of help paraphrasing this book.
       This Gist-Bible is a paraphrase of the New Testament of the Bible, it is not a verse-by-verse paraphrase, or a paragraph-by-paragraph paraphrase; we may have made a full page out of one short paragraph, or a short paragraph out of a full page. It was a team effort. Winner Torborg, the pastor of Bread of Life International Ministries has noticed how people get confused so easily from basic translations of the Bible. Many translations have a clear rendering of most of the Scriptures; but in others they seem to mislead, unintentionally of course. The translators did not mean to mislead, they just could not put in English what the original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic said. Winner and his team prayed and listened and wrote this Gist-Bible to help you to grasp the truth. This is not meant to take the place of a Bible; it is a Bible aid, to help you to understand what you read.

Notes From B.O.L.I.M.

      The paraphraser of the story of Jesus decided to do a comparison of the four synoptic gospels.  Therefore, you will not find four different books, but only one with prayerful insights.  The book of Acts is the continuation of the work of Jesus.

      The paraphraser of the letters of Paul read, prayed, read and prayed some more, and then wrote what he found from his studies.

      The paraphrasers of the letters of John, James, Peter and Jude did the same as the paraphraser of Paul's letters.

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